12 days of poppynotes wrap up

12 days of poppynotes wrap up

What a fun way to kick off our poppynotes community and wrap up 2022!  It was such fun to receive your messages and emails telling how you were doing the 12 Days challenge.  Way to go!

Here’s the wrap up:

Day 1:  Compliment a stranger you come across today.

Day 2:  Drop some change in the Salvation Army bucket.  Every little bit helps.

Day 3:  (National Cupcake Day) Share something sweet with someone you love. That can also be sweet words in a poppynote. 🙂

Day 4:  Give someone a hug today.

Day 5:  Give someone 15 minutes of your undivided attention.

Day 6:  Call a relative just to say hi.

Day 7:  Let someone in line go ahead of you first.

Day 8:  Donate food to a local food pantry.

Day 9:  Send a poppynotes thank you to someone just ecause you appreciate them.

Day 10:  Hold the door open for someone today.

Day 11:  Make someone’s day and leave a kind note for them to find (create one on poppynotes and print it out).

Day 12:  Share some laughter today!


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