Please help the people of Maui

Please help the people of Maui

Our connection to Hawaii is personal, with numerous family and friends on the islands. We have been deeply affected by the horrific wildfires on Maui and want to do what we can to keep the support going to the residents there who continue to suffer and are in desperate need of help.  The immense loss and recovery will go on for a very long time. Unfortunately, as the days and weeks progress it is easy to forget.

Please don’t.

Below is a list of charities I have looked in to and will be supporting both personally and on behalf of poppynotes.  By no means are these the only ones.  If you find other organizations that are providing direct aide and speak more to your heart, then please proceed with whatever support you can give.


Charities we are supporting:

Note of warning:  The unfortunate reality that we all have heard and know is there are many scammers who take advantage of the vulnerable during these times of need. Whenever you make a donation please look into the organizations or individuals you are hoping to send support to and make sure they are truly on the ground giving support locally.

To keep the word out there so that we don’t forget, I have created a ‘Maui Strong’ poppynotes e-card that is available on the app to use today.

If you haven’t downloaded the poppynotes app yet it is free to download from the Apple App Store and this design will be available to use at no cost (you do not need to be a subscriber to use it). You can find it easily by searching ‘Maui’.


Please keep the residents of Maui and the citizens of Hawaii in your prayers.


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