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a little bit about poppynotes:


When you want to send something pretty, funny, charming, sentimental, thoughtful, unique, silly, and all around special to someone in your life … poppynotes is the easiest and most creative way to do it.

The poppynotes app lets you stay connected to your favorite people with originally curated artistic designs that beautifully backdrop YOUR wordsDon’t just text or email the people you love to connect with, send them a poppynote!


Our app is intentionally designed to be simple to use and easy to navigate.  Our aesthetically pleasing interface and speedy delivery process makes poppynotes a dream to use.

There is nothing to learn or figure out, just a few clicks on your phone and you’re ready to send something that looks like it was created by someone with a whole lotta time on their hands (do those people even exist anymore?).


To use the poppynotes app, simply

1.  SELECT the poppynotes design of your choice from your ‘Library’.

2.  TYPE your message and play around with the format if you want.

3.  SEND – press send and chose your delivery method.

Your personalized poppynotes can be sent over and over  to multiple recipients (no extra charges for that) and even shared on your favorite social platforms!

4.  PRINT OPTIONS – although our aim at poppynotes is to cut back on paper and print waste without cutting back on style, we know sometimes you need a physical card to give to someone (hello Aunt Ruth or your best friend you just grabbed a bottle of bubbly for), poppynotes can do that too!

Simply save your completed poppynote to your phone’s camera roll and print ~ OR ~ select print from the dropdown of sharing options directly from the app. In no time you can have a personalized card with beautiful and original artwork for a fraction of the cost of a traditional greeting card.

Easy peasy!

OH, did we mention you can ‘SAVE’ & ‘FAVORITE’ your poppynotes to make your user experience even better! WINNER!

Poppynotes are for personal use  onlyCommercial use is not permitted without written consent. 

See our Terms & Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

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