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Below are some of the commonly asked questions we get. If there is something not shown here please reach out to us on our contact page. We’re here to help!

I just upgraded my iPhone, will the app work?

YES – the poppynotes app is developed to work on the updated iOS.

Depending on the level of device upgrade you are making or the advancement of the iOS it runs on, you may find that upon first opening poppynotes the images are not loading properly.  If that is the case the fix is simple by removing the poppynotes app from your device and reinstalling it through the Apple App Store.

How to Remove and Reinstall the poppynotes app:

  • Tap and hold your finger on the poppynotes app icon on your phone’s screen. A pop-up will appear. Tap ‘Remove App’.
  • A screen will pop-up asking if you want to ‘Remove ‘poppynotes’?  Click ‘Delete App’.
  • Another screen will pop-up confirming that you want to ‘Delete poppynotes’ and reminds you that this will also delete your data.  Click ‘Delete’.
  • A new screen will appear asking if you’d like to keep your subscription (if you are a subscriber).  Click ‘Keep Subscription’.
  • Go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone and search ‘poppynotes’. Click on the cloud download icon to reinstall.
  • Follow the prompts, open the app and your designs will appear.
I don't see all the fun color and formatting options on my app?

If you don’t see the formatting features on the toolbar that show multiple font choices or the color picker to change your type color, then your app version needs to be updated to the New Version.

To update your app just go to the App Store on your phone and update the app.

You can also go to the Apple App Store to update directly there as well.

How do I change the font, color, and size of selected words on my card?

We recommend you type your whole message out using the default font and styling. Once all your words are in place you can begin the fun of editing and styling.

First, to select a word to edit just double tap the word until it is highlighted. If you want to select multiple words or a whole section just double tap a word in that group and then slide the end bars of the highlight over the area of type you want to edit.

Once a word/line is highlighted you can begin changing the font, color, and size.

  • To change the color: tap on the center color picker and select the color you’d like for either a highlighted word or section. You can pick from three color picker choices:  Grid (the easiest to pick a color), Spectrum (to browse colors using your finger to slide across the spectrum until you find the one that works best), or Sliders (if you have a specific RGB or hex color code you want to use).
  • To change the size: on the center toolbar to the right of the color picker you will see an ‘A’ with an up arrow; and a smaller ‘A’ with a down arrow.  You can make your overall type or highlighted type larger or smaller tapping either up or down.
  • To change the font: on the toolbar are a row of circles showing letter previews of different font styles you can pick from. Just slide the bar of choices left and right to see all the choices.  To change the font(s) of your overall type or a highlighted text area, just tap on the font preview of your choice and the font will change. You can have multiple fonts in a card type area.


I'm a subscriber but when I reinstalled the app my cards are locked.

If you are a subscriber but had to redownload and reinstall the app your subscription should automatically renew. However, if  you see that your poppynotes cards are showing as locked just follow the following simple steps:

How to Restore your poppynotes Subscription:

  • Tap the three little bars in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • A dropdown menu will appear.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the dropdown and tap ‘restore purchases’.

If your subscription is active in your Apple Account then your subscriber purchase will reactivate and your poppynotes cards will be unlocked.

If you need to renew your subscription just select the subscribe prompt and follow the steps to subscribe.

Don’t worry, you can only have one subscription at a time so you won’t be charged for multiple subscriptions.

How do I social share a poppynotes card from the app?

There are a couple of ways to social share directly from the app.

1.  If you are sharing directly to your own page, once you are done typing and formatting your message you can click ‘send’.  From there you will be able to scroll through the social media platforms you have accounts with and are available to you (instagram, facebook, tiktok, etc…).  Just remember that whatever account you are logged into on those platforms is where your message will post.

2. If you want to post a poppynotes card (i.e. a birthday card) to someone’s facebook page, after typing and formatting your message you will press send and the first dropdown option is ‘copy’.  Just tap ‘copy’ and your card will be saved to your clipboard.  You can then paste it to a person’s facebook page by tapping and selecting ‘paste’ . Your poppynotes card will appear on their timeline.

* sidenote:  once you select to copy your poppynotes card you can paste to a group text thread or an email as well.

There is a light gray box on the text areas of my poppynotes cards?

If you see a light gray box overlaying all the text areas of your cards it means that you have your iPhone’s ‘Button Shape’ settings turned on.  

The fix is super easy. 

Here’s how:

  • On your iPhone go to ‘settings’ >
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Accessibility’ >
  • Go to ‘Display & Text Size’ >
  • See ‘Button Shapes’ – and turn the toggle to off.
  • Close the settings tab and close the poppynotes app.
  • Reopen the poppynotes app and the gray boxes will be gone.  

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